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  • Park Lane Decor polymer pressed ceilings authentically bring back the elegance of the past.

  • Ideal for both classic & contemporary styles, as well as for restoration work

  • Pressed Ceilings are a 0,75mm thick, lightweight polymer-based material which can be painted with any type of paint.

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Pressed Ceilings are easy to install, & can be fitted over existing ceilings, while the overall ‘look’ & effect is absolutely stunning!

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Further, we also supply OWA Ceiling Systems for larger contracts in the Caribbean, depending on quantity required. They have a comprehensive range of ceiling tees & framework, suspension system, acoustic ceiling panels & ‘clean room’ panels, as well as acoustic canopies & wall baffles. We are very well acquainted with their products, having worked with them for 30 years.

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Info to follow soon!

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