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Our passion lies in Interior Design where we have a great range of products for you, whether your design encompasses contemporary styles, or alternatively, a classic & elegant retro look & the nostalgia of yesteryear. Ideal for new interiors & for restoration work, for Homes, Hotels, Offices, Restaurants, Shopping Centres & Halls.

The introduction of synthetic polymer technology for the production of our decorative elements is the only way to offer exceptionally high quality, together with fine finishes & simple installation. This makes the installation & finishing of your interior project a lot easier, faster, and more cost effective, whilst ensuring that the aesthetics are of the finest.

Of note for Interior Designers & Architects, is that with our CNC machine, we can manufacture/extrude polystyrene cornices & mouldings to your particular design & specification, in addition to our wide standard range.

Download our company brochure of all our products below:


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